3 reasons why Facebook Ads are extremely effective

If you are a marketer, or you run a business, you know that you should be taking advantage of Facebook ads. But if you’ve never tried Facebook ads, or you have and got no new leads or business from those ads, then you are likely hesitant to spend your marketing budget there. The good news is that Facebook ads are extremely effective, if used correctly.

Why are Facebook ads so effective? Besides the fact that almost everyone you know is on Facebook, there are three other reasons why Facebook ads deserve a cut of your marketing spend.

Facebook ads are very affordable

Advertising can be really expensive and for most of us the biggest fear is spending massive percentages of marketing budgets and not getting the returns, right? With Facebook ads you can start out with smaller amounts, and easily drive traffic for less than $1 per click.

The ability to scale your ad spend also helps you see where the spend is most effective. A/B testing becomes a cost effective breeze with Facebook ads and you can easily increase the spend on the most effective ads. This gives you the opportunity to push people towards different landing pages with different Facebook ads and calls to action, and then put the majority of your spend into where you get the most ROI.

Facebook ads can be targeted like no other

Just because everyone is on Facebook, doesn’t mean you want to pay to advertise to everyone on Facebook. Facebook ads give you unbelievable control in terms of targeting, making sure that your ads are delivered to people who fall into the demographic that would be interested in your product or service. That way you know your marketing budget is going to get you the best RIO.

No other platform offers the same ability to narrow who it is you are targeting, like Facebook does. Throw on top of that the fact that almost everyone you know is on Facebook, and you can easily come to the conclusion as to why Facebook ads can be extremely effective. Age, location, interests are just some of the factors you can use to narrow your target demographic, and with Facebook that is only scratching the surface.

Facebook ads work great for retargeting

By simply setting up some custom audiences and putting the required pixel on your website, you can retarget people that visited your website when they are on Facebook. And you would be surprised to know how many people visit Facebook multiple times a day. It makes complete sense to see Facebook ads about products or services that you have already shown interest in, and that increases the ROI.

By using Facebook ad retargeting you make can create an ad specifically to help change an interested lead into a paying customer.

Simply put, you should be using Facebook ads

By not utilizing Facebook ads, you are leaving money on the table. The advantages of Facebook ads are pretty clear. Any disadvantages of Facebook ads can easily be avoided by outsourcing the management and implementation of you Facebook advertising needs. If we are honest with ourselves, we know our competitors are using Facebook ads, and that alone is reason why we should be doing it too.

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Ruan Fourie

Ruan Fourie a content and SEO consultant. He is the founder and editor of gevaaalik.com. In addition to his blogging skills, Fourie has extensive knowledge around content marketing, digital marketing strategy and SEO. He has worked with brands like Microsoft, King Price, Opel, Vodacom and Castle Lite to assist with driving traffic to their campaigns and digital content.

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