EXTRACT MORE VALUE From Your Website Without Investing More Money.

The #1 Way to Increase Your ROI is to Improve Conversions on Your Website:

Use Compelling Content/Offers on Conversion Focused Pages that Lead Your Prospect to Take Action

(Generate More Leads Without Spending Another Cent on Advertising)

Driving More Traffic is Worthless if Your Website Cannot Convert! 

Not Getting Enough Leads? Traffic is Probably Not Your Problem.

One of the most common misconceptions we come across is when businesses think that the reason they are not generating enough sales is because they don't have enough traffic.

Although you do need traffic to make sales, 9 times out of 10 traffic is not the problem.

The fact is higher conversion rates = higher ROI. 

Ironically, when businesses see low sales or optins they just keep throwing more money into advertising REDUCING their ROI.

If your website is generating traffic at a loss and unable to convert leads into a positive ROI, spending more money on traffic is like throwing more and more water into a leaky bucket hoping to fill it up.

One of your website's main objectives is to be able to direct traffic to its relevant destination and convert those visitors into leads. Sounds easy enough but this is where most websites fail.

By honing in on your sites ability and effectiveness in converting traffic into leads, you are able to leverage your current traffic into more sales, increase ROI, and afford higher budgets to drive more traffic. Before spending more money on traffic that does not convert into sales, identify what your website needs to achieve higher conversion rates.

We'll Show You the 3 Most Critical Elements Your Website Needs to Convert More Visitors Into Customers, Leads or Subscribers Without Wasting Your Hard Earned Money on More Traffic.

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A Step by Step Guide to Generating More Conversions and Increasing ROI:

Step 1 - Create Compelling Content and Offers:

Captivating content and offers are the rocket fuel of your business. No matter how well designed your site is, without compelling content and offers you WILL lose money. Your first step is to identify and solve your prospects most pressing needs.

  • Solve a Specific Problem for a Specific Prospect: The more granular and intimate you can get with your prospects specific needs the higher your chance of converting them into customers will be. Don't be everything to everyone be something to someone.
  • Start with low commitment offers: So many businesses try to wow their visitors by offering the farm and over complicating their offers, this immediately puts people off. It's like asking for someone's hand in marriage on your first date, at least offer them a drink first.
  • Splinter Product or Service Features: Breaking your core product down into its features and corresponding outcomes allows you to not only tailor your offers to specific needs but also gives you multiple angles to appeal to your prospect, minimizing "offer burnout".
  • Minimize Anxiety and Trust Issues: A lack of credibility or trust in your ability to solve your prospects problem or desired outcome is potentially one of the biggest barriers in converting new leads.  By offering testimonials, social proof and other factors that show you are a credible and reliable provider will dramatically boost conversions.

Your Website is Your Online Salesman / Machine; Reaching, Engaging and Selling to Your Ideal Customer Virtually on Autopilot.

Step 2 - Create High Converting Landing Pages:

Once you've identified your prospect's specific pain points and desired outcomes your need to present your solution in the form of a landing page.

  • What is a Landing Page? A landing page is any page on your website where traffic is sent/ directed to prompt a specific response. 
  • Objective and Goals of Your Landing Page: The goal of the design and copy of your landing page is to get your prospect to take your desired action, whether it's to sell a product, schedule an appointment, get contact information, watch a video or subscribe to your email list.
  • What Makes a Landing Page Different to Other Pages on My Site?:The most important thing to remember about landing pages is to have 1 goal for 1 specific desired outcome. There should be no other links or goals on the same page, this only gives the prospect too many options and distractions.
  • Create Your Sales Funnel: Landing pages are proven to convert visitors into leads, subscribers, etc. however they need to form part of your sales funnel. A landing page fits into the sequence of steps required to turn visitors into action takers. A typical sales funnel will look like this: Traffic Source > Blog Post > Landing Page > Optin > Follow Up > Sales > Upsells
High Converting Landing Pages to Drive Targeted Leads

Get your traffic strategy right and you have direct access to your target market on demand.

Conversions - Create Specific Offers For Specific Audience

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Step 3 - Proactively Re-engage & Return Visitors to Your Website and Landing Pages:

Most of your website visitors will not be ready to take a decision and action immediately. You need to create as many touch points with your brand as necessary to lead your visitors to take action.

  • Design Your Customer Journey: Consider the necessary sequence of steps it requires to introduce your brand, offer valuable information, get contact details and offer your solution.  A typical customer journey looks like this: Awareness > Interest > Desire > Action. Design your website to cater for all these steps in a logical, low resistance way.
  • Use Retargeting to Bring Customers Back Into Your Sales Funnel: People are busy and are easily distracted. More often than not they will consume a piece of content on your website and navigate away to something else that peaks their interest. By retargeting them using Google or Facebook you are able to entice visitors back to your website to complete the next step in your sales cycle.
  • Capture Visitors According to the Content They Visited: You may have multiple services or problems you are solving for clients. By saving visitors in groups according to what they have shown interest in you are able to make specific offers on Facebook and Google that solve those specific needs or interests.
  • Monitor, Track and Optimize What Works:  Use analytics to see where your visitors are spending the most time and engaging with your content. Optimize these pages with solid call to actions and compelling related offers. Create more of the same content. Use these for advertising campaigns. Give people more of what they want and they will return and convert.

That my friend is how you win the internet

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