A Prediction: What I hope Casey Neistat is doing with CNN

Casey Neistat is starting a new media project with CNN. Casey is a champion of the YouTube community and here is what we hope Casey Neistat has up his sleeve for this exciting new media project with CNN.

YouTube and the creators that reside there, has become a force to be reckoned with. Bigger than any traditional media outlets YouTube has become a new media platform that content creators are embracing because of the ability and freedom to “Do what you can’t”. PewDiePie, Philip Difranco, Ben Brown and thousands of other YouTube creators are creation exceptional and engaging content.

The growth of the YouTuber

Over the past four years the amount of Google Search traffic that leads to YouTube content has been on a steep and steady upwards trend. This is all because there has also been huge growth in the amount of content creators, or YouTubers, who have been reaching their audience via the YouTube platform.

YouTube search traffic growth over the past 10 years

Casey Neistat to help CNN enter this new media market

A couple of months ago CNN purchased Beme, an app from Casey Neistat and a team of 11 employees. Together Casey Neistat and team Beme was shuttered with CNN to focus on a new media venture. CNN clearly realizes the power of new media, especially when it comes to reaching younger audiences.

This month Casey Neistat spoke out about the new project teasing only that it will be a new daily YouTube show hosted by Neistat. More than that, all we really know is that it will air at 17:00 pm daily. As a traditional media outlet CNN is making a leap into a growing market with digital content. Thus it makes complete sense for CNN to onboard someone like Casey Neistat who has vast experience in creating daily digital content, as his 6.5 million YouTube subscribers will gladly attest to.

Daily Digital Video content is a monumental content creation task

A task that YouTubers like Casey Neistat are very attuned to. Until recently Neistat created daily video content, or vlogs, about his comings and goings as a creator living in New York. Casey grew his audience from 50k subscribers back in January 2013 to the 6.5+ million he has now in March 2017. But even Neistat experienced how taxing it can be to create daily content for an audience that is almost insatiable.

Neistat ended is daily videos a couple of months ago, so it would be safe to assume that he was not going to start doing that again for the new YouTube channel with CNN. But, if Neistat has shown anything over the past couple of months it’s his utmost respect and adoration for the YouTube content creators community. Casey has always been collaborating with other YouTubers, and recently did a Samsung ad that aired during the Oscars with Neistat and Samsung giving a hat tip to the unsung heroes that are part of the YouTube community. A community that until recently has been very much been overlooked by big film industries like Hollywood. He also shared the video below just a day ago, directly addressing his fellow YouTubers, and praising them. The video has already racked up 1.5 million plus views.

Is Casey Neistat going to use fellow YouTubers to create content for his new show?

Casey Neistat is passionate about the YouTube community and legitimising the content creators on YouTube. It would also take some pressure off him in terms of creating content for the new YouTube channel’s daily show if he used fellow YouTubers to help him with creating content for the show.

YouTubers featured in Casey Neistat Do what you can’t video

If Casey Neistat collaborates with other YouTubers for his new show, it would not only give these YouTubers legitimacy and exposure. Casey understands that each YouTuber already has an audience that want to consume the content the YouTubers create, thus also growing the audience of his new daily YouTube show.

Younger audience have a high capacity for new content, and YouTube has a whole network of content creators that as a group can create content that reaches millions of people. I truly hope Casey Neistat is going to use that network of content creators to break the barrier between traditional media and new media, empowering the YouTuber creator community even more along the way.

“Do what you can’t” takes the shackles off creativity, by giving creators the freedom to bring their ideas to life without the restraints of the larger and more traditional film industry. It’s an exciting time for us, the audience. But with champions like Casey Neistat, CNN and Samsung it’s an even more exciting time to be a YouTuber.

My fingers are crossed. If anyone can make this awesome it’s Casey Neistat with the help of the whole YouTube community.

Ruan Fourie

Ruan Fourie a content and SEO consultant. He is the founder and editor of gevaaalik.com. In addition to his blogging skills, Fourie has extensive knowledge around content marketing, digital marketing strategy and SEO. He has worked with brands like Microsoft, King Price, Opel, Vodacom and Castle Lite to assist with driving traffic to their campaigns and digital content.

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