Get MORE CUSTOMERS Visiting Your Website.

The #1 Strategy to Getting More Customers for Your Business:

Drive Targeted Traffic to a High Converting Website with a Specific Offer for Your Specific Audience

(That's How You Dominate Your Competition Online!)

Without Targeted Traffic Your Business is Destined to Fail 

Traffic (Visitors) = Potential Customers = SALES (Profit)!

It's a competitive market online. You need to be savvy to capture the attention of your target market, turn them into returning website visitors and ultimately into paying customers.

Without the correct system in place (a high converting website and traffic generation strategy) turning traffic into sales can be an expensive and often fruitless venture. 

If you're not getting a steady flow of customers online then those customers are going directly to your competitors. Guaranteed!

Whether you already have a site or not... You need a an optimized website and targeted traffic system that's designed to generate and convert traffic from platforms like Facebook and search engines like Google, on demand and efficiently. It needs to be results driven, cost effective, able to replicate, and return a positive ROI.

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Follow Our 3  Step Guide to Getting More Targeted Traffic to Your Website:

Below We'll Show You Exactly What You Need To Squeeze Every Drop Of Value From Traffic To Your Website and Leverage Your Marketing Efforts For a Positive ROI

Online Traffic Sources and Platforms

Step 1: Create a website that converts traffic into customers

For your business to drive sales online your site needs to be able to:

  • Track and Pixel Visitors: Automatically and dynamically capture every visitor on your site according to what they are interested in so that you can advertise to them on demand.
  • Segment Your Site Visitors: Build email and audiences lists based on their interests in your product or service so that your offers can be specific & tailored to your customers needs.
  • Conversion Optimized Funnels: A series of pages that  intuitively lead your prospects closer to a sale or contact. (Hint: This is not your Home, About Us, Contact or Services Page). Funnels encourage more touch points keeping your visitor on track for conversion.
  • Solid and Cohesive Content Structure: Ease of navigation from informative posts all the way through to sale or contact. Taking your prospects intelligently through a sales journey. (Pro Tip: Plan this well and your whole online marketing strategy falls neatly into place)

Your Website is Your Online Salesman - Reaching, Engaging and Selling to Your Ideal Customer Virtually on Autopilot.

Step 2: Where to get traffic from and how?

There are 4 main channels to drive traffic (potential customers) to your website:

  • Search (Organic): The secret to free (organic) traffic from Google and Bing is to produce high quality content on a regular basis that serves a user's need or intention. Your content needs to be well structured and well presented. The more you satisfy your visitors needs the more you will be rewarded with search traffic.
  • Social Media (Organic): By creating business pages that are engaging on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. you are able to connect directly with your customer and build long term relationships while adding value to that community.
  • Paid Media (Social and Search): Paid Media might be daunting for some but it shouldn't be. Paid Media on platforms such as Facebook and Google are so cost effective and laser targeted that if done right you can predict and almost guarantee positive returns on your advertising spend.
  • Paid Advertising & Other Websites: Getting featured on other websites whether its via sponsored post or banner advertising can generate traffic but is generally quite expensive, highly technical and labour intensive. These are more effective for bigger brands looking for brand awareness and PR coverage.
Online Traffic Sources and Platforms

Get your traffic strategy right and you have direct access to your target market on demand.

Online Traffic Sources and Platforms

Step 3: How to generate more customers than your competition online?

Follow these 4 steps and your website will outperform your competition, guaranteed!

  • Create Compelling Content and Offers: Create content that is helpful/ engaging for your audience - something they relate to and get value from. Create irresistible offers around your audience's most pressing needs and tie them to your most relevant solutions.
  • Use Social Media and Search for Organic Traffic: Creating quality content on a regular basis, publishing and sharing with your audience on social media and your website, will pay off in a big way if done consistently and in a way that provides value to your audience.
  • Leverage New Advertising Technology: Most businesses don't realize just how powerful Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising (among others...) actually is. You can literally target anybody, anywhere, anytime! If you can identify your ideal customer you can reach them through Social Advertising and Search Advertising. Attracting your ideal client to your business and leading them on a path to sales.
  • Conversion Optimized Website: Ensure you have your sales funnels in place -  a series of pages that take your visitors on a journey from first visit to the final stage of becoming a paying customer and ultimately ambassador. You need to be able to track and record all visits to your website and entice them to keep returning to your site until they make their purchase decision.

That my friend is how you win the internet

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